Modern high-speed boat of the project 17MJ made of the light alloy, can be used as a pleasure, diving, administrative, inspectorial, environmental, service-crew vessel; in the waters of nearshore zone, in the creeks of large rivers and in the shallows; in the light and dark time, at the ice-free season.

The boat speed40 knots (optional 50 knots). Two marine diesel engines Scania DI 16 077M EMS with water-jet Hamilton Jet HJ403 propellers are installed. Engine power is 2 x 1000 h.p.

Due to installation of water-jets units as main propulsion drivers, and specially designed bottom fins and steps with interceptors installed at transom the project 17MJ type "MUROM" attains excellent maneuverability and controllability even at sharp bends at a high speed.

The engine is equipped with a control system of EMS (Engine Management System) allowing controlling all aspects, which can influence on operation of the engine. The maximum power at the small speed range provides the easy moving on water of the craft and getting on planning mode at the minimum fuel consumption and shortest time.

The craft is provided with the launching and recovery device for 3 meters long tender with the 20 h.p. outboard motor, which allows quick launching to water, and lifting the boat aboard.

For disembarkation to the coast or other boat, the folding ramp with safe access to it is located in the bow.

The craft is provided with the convertible mast that let the boat to reduce height when transporting the craft and during the pass under low bridges.