The craft is equipped with the spacious cabin salon with the main control console and two cabins where up to 10 persons at day time and up to 6 persons at night can be arranged.

The spacious cabin salon integrates all necessary facilities for craft service, special tasks execution or crew rest. It includes three functional zones:

  • the wheelhouse space – the integrated main control panel;
  • the lunch zone – a table, 2 sofas each for 2 persons;
  • the place for food heating -a refrigerator, an induction cooking panel, a air outlet grill, a microwave oven, an electric kettle, a sink with hot and cold water.

The forward cabin is equipped with four beds (the top beds are folding), a wardrobe, two bedside chests for personal belongings, the evacuation hatch.

The aft cabin is the second room for rest, which includes two beds with drawers for belongings storage and a wardrobe.

There is a sanitary unit equipped with a toilet bowl, a shower and a sink.