The philosophy of the company Laky Verf
consists in wish and ability to produce high-quality product meeting all Customer's requirements.

General director

Buryanov K.G.

Laky Verf Company (Ozernaya Verf Ltd.)

entered the market in 2005 with the concept "high quality building of custom-made luxury yachts". At present time the company specializes in production of multifunctional high-speed boats.

The yachts were built under the survey of Bureau Veritas and belongs to the A-Ocean Class.
The famous Dutch designers Guido de Groot and Frank Laupman took part in working out of the the projects for Laky Verf.
As a result of such creative cooperation is production of modern high-quality vessels, corresponding to all the latest tendencies in yacht design.

The company is located on the territory of Nevsky Shipyard LLC.

In the interior workshop

with the square of 2320 m2 wood is stored, dried and prepared for processing, the cabins are mocked up and the furniture is assembled.

This workshop allows Laky Verf to execute the most difficult orders.

Only elite types of wood are used for producing interior: mahogany, wenge, teak, cherry tree, Brazil nut etc. Upholstered furniture is produced of leather and collector's textile by famous designers.

The fittings, textile, bathroom fitments and decorative components meet severe requirement to quality set by the company.

Based on the interior solutions of the initial project the Laky Verf designers develop it in accordance with Customers' wishes.
In the yacht building workshop
with the square of 1900 m2 the full range of works is executed, i.e. sound insulation, electrical, painting, mechanical, polishing and piping works.

Our design and engineering bureau is located in the yacht building workshop due to close cooperation with the production and has special software and all types of equipment that allow working out technical projects and engineering documents complying with the world's quality standards.
In 2009 the construction of the big yacht building workshop finished. Here yachts will be fully outfitted, including the installation of interior. The distinctive feature of the workshop is that its square of 2500 m2 allows building two hulls of 75 meters long simultaneously.
Since its foundation the company
has built and transferred to the customers 6 yachts of 23M project, every yacht passed successfully the sea trials and proved herself.
The company offers all necessary services for comfortable use of vessels i.e. maintains ship management of the yacht transferred to the Owner and carries out full range of services for repair and storage.
In 2010, the company has made a decision to expand its product range to include in it special boats. The 13M project was the pilot project designed by the engineering department of Laky Verf.
The keel-laying of the new multifunctional 14M boat made of light alloy took place in the end of 2012. The boat can be used as a patrol, service-crew boat in the waters of the coastal and marine areas, lakes and embouchures of major rivers as well as for pleasure boating and fishing.
The 14M project of multifunctional boats is completed and accomplished 13M project with increased afterdeck length for 1 meter which lets us to turn the project round. As a result the boat has the following changes: 12, 0 m2 afterdeck area with tent, sliding door behind the pilot chair for passing through from one to another side of the boat. The fuel capacity is increased up to 1500 l.
In April 2014 took place the laying of new project 15MJ.
It is a modern high-speed boat with good sailing characteristics different from similar vessels in an optimal ratio of overall dimensions, technical saturation and convenient interior spaces.
The boat is equipped with water-jet propulsion with a control system Blue Arrow, making the boat easier to control when docking - electronic control system of water jets to reduce the radius of the vessel even at sharp turns, including a turn at maximum speed.
The advantage of water-jet propulsion, before turning the corner columns and the courts with the classic vallina is a small draught, simplicity and reliability of a design, here is a partial list of the benefits of this project.
Construction of the boat was completed in 6 months.
At the end of 2014 began the construction of a brand new project 17MJ type "MOORE". It is a modern speed boad with high seaworthy characteristics.

The max speed is 40 knots (50 knots optional). The boat is equipped with two marine diesel engines Scania with water jet Hamilton Jet.
Engine power 2х1000 HP.
Through the installation of water-jet, 17MJ project boat has greater maneuverability and handling, even during sharp turns at high speed.

The engine is equipped with a control system EMS (Engine Management System) that allow you to control all aspects that affect the performance of the engine.
The maximum power at low rpm range allows for easy movement through the water and get a fast boat on plane with minimal fuel consumption.
Laky Verf company
(Ozernaya Verf Ltd.) ,

recognized by the Russian River and Maritime Register of Shipping is following the direction of production yachts and patrol boats of a high quality construction to meet all functional requirements and operational reliability.

Despite the fact that since the founding of the company was a bit of time she already has won several prestigious diplomas and awards in the field of yacht building, and was a participant of many exhibitions of international scope.